So I guess I have to write a first post. I’ve actually written this first post about three or four different times. I’d start a blog and then even though I’m a writer, I could never focus what I wanted to talk about. What interests me enough to talk about it everyday, every week, or every month?

What I realized is that I was focusing too much. First it was recipes. Knowing my past, my friends always ask me for recipes- sweet and savory- to make. Quick ones, sunday dinner ones, anytime ones… you gotta it! I went to the Culinary Institute of America for the first part of their Baking and Pastry A.O.S program. I absolutely loved my class, my friends and the area. However, it wasn’t the time for me and some health issues didn’t allow me to finish out my externship at Gramercy Tavern. That goes into another focus of mine- health, eating disorder advocacy and building a positive body image for women. Now that sounds like a lot, but those were the problems which interfered school. Not once, but twice.

However, I wasn’t completely honest with myself or my family and ended up traveling to Paris. I found my heart there and started truely mending myself. It was the hardest time in my life, but where I actually found me again after 3 years of recovery.

So food, health, traveling… oh I guess we can throw in dancing, fashion and city life too ;o) I’m going to explore D.C my way and just bring you with me…


3 responses to “hi!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Now I learned something new about you!

  2. what a nice intro!

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