listening to your body

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce lately. Of course I decided to start this blog when I also have a million things going on for school. Like I said before, I don’t know why, but all my teachers decided to have everything due BEFORE Thanksgiving so it’s been crazy lately. I have a chaise lounge chair near my apartment entrance and it’s had some of my books on it for a while in nice neat piles. Well those piles aren’t neat anymore and there are a few added papers around too. Ugh.

The leaves in D.C. haven’t completely fallen yet either and my allergies suddenly took a turn for the worse yesterday. I hadn’t been feeling that bad, but throughout the day, my sense of smell got increasingly heightened which of course ruined my taste and my appetite. I hate it! Today I’m fully medicated with Claratin D and bee pollen?

Yup, that’s right. After I posted on Facebook my dilemma, my friend (who’s getting her Masters in nursing) texted me saying to get bee pollen. It supposedly helps your immune system against allergens. Ok, got it! We’ll see how it works.

Which brings me to listening to your body. Our bodies are pretty smart and know what it needs, but when was the time where we decided to be smarter and tell it exactly what it wanted and what it didn’t. Now you know your body more than I do, but when’s the last time you said “I’d love _______, but I can’t have it?”

Sure, you can! You may have to walk a little more the next day or eat a lighter meal at another point of the day, but I’m sure that’s what your body would want too. It’s all about balance. No one’s perfect all the time. I love indulgences and I love the days where salads are abundant. Easy, right? Just listen.

I wasn’t always smart about this- thus my eating disorder. I thought I had to swim at least an hour a day 5-6 days a week to be thin enough. (NOTE: this could work for you, but when you only eat 400 calories a day, it doesn’t work for anyone.) I thought I was smarter by saying that I could go without this or that. But then I became depressed, miserable and sick = not fun! not living! You deserve more than that!

So listen to yourself. When you need that day off, take the day off. When you just want fruit and oatmeal all day because nothing else tastes or smells good (like what I’ve done today), do it. Ok, my nutrition is a little unbalanced today, but seriously when your equilibrium is off and your sense of smell and taste is so alkaline, those foods sound good. I’ll balance it out with veggies once I feel better (which I hope is awfully soon!).

Do you listen to your body? What is it telling you tonight?


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