warm fuzzies

So I got this wonderful note from a former teacher last night who had seen that I had started the blog. He had read my “about” page and some previous conversation we had had clicked and he understood me better. The note had such praise that it filled me with the “warm fuzzies”- that moment when you feel warmth within and think “this is why I’m doing this” or “everything will be ok.”

While notes are great, they’re becoming a dying art and don’t fill everyone with the same joy. So what gives you the warm fuzzies?

For me, it’s…

1. spontaneous notes and surprises! Like the note I got above, it always feels good when you feel appreciated, loved and cared about. My mom still leave me IMs most every week morning so she’s the first one to say it. It’s not spontaneous anymore, but I still look forward to it, especially on bad days.

or make the day of someone else with a Operation Beautiful note!

2. flowers! Call me weird, but I buy myself flowers all the time. Yes, it’s nice when someone special buys them for you, but right now, I’m single and I like flowers, so I get them for myself. There’s no shame, ladies!


3. my puppies! No, I don’t have puppies here at my apartment (my building doesn’t allow dogs unfortunately), but I do have two little furry princesses at home who are always there to give me kisses and curl up with me to watch a movie.

more 008

Maybe the warm fuzzies come from the red Holiday cups from Starbucks. Or your favorite cookie. Whatever it is, bring it into your life- especially on the day like today (it’s rainy, grey and cold here in D.C.)! ❤


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