i’m back!

Ok, I’m back! I’m sorry I took those days off, but it was nice to disconnect and just focus on what I had to get done. I didn’t intern or do anything extra this week because of the amount of work I had to do and if I couldn’t fulfill those responsibilities, I felt odd fulfilling this blog. Plus, my head was in so many different places that I wouldn’t be focusing on this either. Enough of that though!!! I’m home free….. well, until finals….


So I did do a short, quick post the other day because of this article I saw on my Facebook feed. While it’s not as bad as some others I’ve seen in the past, the fact that editors are still allowing their models or celebrities be this photoshopped or retouched is just shocking to me. Do they really look that much better? They don’t look real, but maybe that’s because they’re not. Perfection is not something to strive for and to teach that or set the standards for women to be like that is damaging.

For my PR Case Studies class, we had to do an individual presentation on a particular kind of communication. For example, one week presentations were about community relations or another week was media relations. The presentation had to show a case of how it was either successful or failed in the featured topic. Well my topic was crisis communication. There are tons of examples of good and bad crisis communications plans like Micheal Phelps, Janet Jackson, Jon and Kate, and the list goes on, but being me, I decided to do something different. My presentation was on how the fashion industry was in crisis with their consumers because of airbrushing, Photoshop, and manipulating/distorting women’s bodies.

Obviously the fashion industry is glamourous, exciting and a part of everyone’s daily life. I love fashion. As much as I love curling up on my couch in my sweats to watch a movie, I also love to get dressed up and go out. I had always seen the industry as such but I also respect the artistic side of fashion designers. I saw fabulous fabulous exhibits in Arles and Paris when I was in France one summer on Christian LaCroix and Valentino respectively. I wanted to work for them right then and there. But that’s another story….

But like all great things, the industry has been under the fire lately because of ads that are being exposed as being too manipulated and unrealistic. Women want to be excited about fashion, not feel down because they’ll never be able to wear it. I brought in the Ralph Lauren ad as my example. Does anyone really think this looks good? I sure hope not.

There are good opportunities coming out of this though. Glamour recently did a whole article about loving yourself and beauty of all sizes in their November 2009 issue after the response they had from putting a beautiful picture of Lizzie Miller on page 194 in the October 2009 issue. Check it out if you can.

Spain has also banned models with a BMI of under 18.5 from walking on the runway during fashion weeks. This is huge and I hope other countries follow suit. Health is key! Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, I think promoting a healthy image is important and those models with a BMI of under 18.5 are technically underweight.

Brigitte, a popular  women’s magazine in Germany, is actually banning models now from their pages. The editor said she wanted to see real women showcased and hated to use Photoshop to “fatten up”  the models. Go figure! This editor is wonderful!

If you haven’t been to the Operation Beautiful website, you should and join in the force. You take a post-it note and a pen. Write something inspiring or lovely on the post-it with the website on the bottom and post it in a public bathroom. Easy, yes! and it will totally brighten someone’s day.

Ok, I think I’m done my rant about that topic… at least for now. This issue and promoting a healthy image is so important to me and seriously drives me sometimes. For some of those projects, you’ll have to wait, but also be on the look out. 🙂


Now time for some relaxation and waiting for the cable guy…

Isn’t it perdy???? I thought so too 😉



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