lazy lazy lazy blogger

I know I didn’t post yesterday, but you didn’t miss much. After the last two weeks of projects, papers and tests along with working on the weekends, I sat on my couch around 5 pm and didn’t move until 3 pm yesterday except for food and sleep. I ran 2 errands yesterday which got me moving for a little bit and a nice 3-mile walk, but other than that, it was a lot of


Yay Food Network! My night was more productive as I did laundry, worked on a cover letter, and baked these lovelies…

I know I know… why am I using boxed mix when I love to bake? You’re right, I do love baking, but sometimes it’s just more convinent. I also have a lot of baking to do this coming week for Thanksgiving and to get a start on holiday cookie orders so I dont feel bad about it one bit.

This mix was good, but I love Trader’s Joe fudge brownie mix. I highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to make them scratch; however, I will post my brownie recipe soon.

Today was fun and friend-filled. O woke up and 20 minutes later, my friend from New Jersey was on my doorstep. He was visiting a friend this weekend in Alexandria and didn’t tell me. It was a nice surprise!

Then my friend, Julie, and I went to Bethesda for Georgetown Cupcake‘s Grand Opening.

They were giving out free cupcakes and while the line was about 45 long, we had fun catching up on our way there and while waiting in line. I’ve known Julie since I moved to Maryland back in third grade, but have definitely gotten closer in and after college. She lived with me this past summer when she started to D.C and now lives close in Arlington. Trouble together? Maybe, but it was nice to catch up.

Now I’m off to finish a paper and then relax for the rest of the night. My to-do list is getting shorter and shorter before Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!!! Molly’s coming down from NYC for Thanksgiving dinner too so I’m sooo excited to see her and experiment with a gluten-free pie! I hope it’s OK Molly!

Wat are you doing to get ready for Thanksgiving?


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