“hey beautiful”

Thank you to all of you who still come back even though I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. I don’t know why I decided to start this blog during the last month of classes (glutton for punishment, maybe? 😉 ), but it’s nice to have the support too.

So when I get stressed, I go into planner mode. My group mates for various projects have realized that in the past two weeks… maybe that’s why I want to go into event planning of some kind? but I digress…

However, those two words are not hard to say, but they sure do make you feel better. I’m lucky to have a best guy friend who usually greets me with it. Are we romantically involved? Not at all, but any compliment just brightens your day, especially during the busy times.

I told him this today and said he spoiled me and got the following response: “Haha, no spoiling, just speaking the truth. I’m southern, what can i say?”

How can you not love him??? (PS: i miss you Alex! I can’t wait for our 7-mile walks when you get home)

But it also reminded me about Fat Talk Free Week this past October and the mini challenges. One day’s challenge was the next time someone gives you a compliment, rather than objecting (“No, I’m so fat!”), practice taking a deep breath and saying, “Thank you.”

Now this week and program (which I love, you should check it out!) is obviously based on body image, but I think it also relates to everyday life. We are quick to judge others (based on stereotypes and not full information) and ourselves so why don’t we give eachother a break?

I DARE you to give someone a compliment tomorrow….

…and if you get one back, say thank you 🙂


One response to ““hey beautiful”

  1. Ahhh! I miss you so much! I can’t wait for our 7-mile walks either! 🙂

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