i <3 the holidays!

After a fabulous Thanksgiving with my parents and friend, Molly Jane, it’s officially Christmas time. I’m one of those people who won’t put anything Christmas-like up BEFORE Thanksgiving because I love Thanksgiving too much. It’s an important holiday for me- not only because of the food, but family- so I don’t like carols in November. However, now that it’s after Thanksgiving and after the mad rush of Black Friday (no, I didn’t go out) and Cyber Monday, I’m celebrating all the way.

First, there’s always cookies to be seen… regular chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip… yum! I think molasses crinkles might be in my future too. I never used to make them before until one of my friends from Ohio said he loved them so I tried them out. They make the house smell sooo good and taste just as delicious…

Then, the candy bowl has to be filled for each holiday… I sense a theme here… mmmm 😉

And lastly, no apartment is dressed without a Christmas tree and lights! Isn’t it cute??? I just need to get some of my ornaments from home this Friday. My mom has needlepointed some beautiful ornaments for me throughout the years and I can’t wait to dress up my tree.

Oh, and the advent calendar next to it… with yes, more candy…

We have a needlepointed advent calendar at home that my grandmother made. It has small loops and one end of a Brach’s peppermint candies (or “nummies” in my house) fits perfectly in. While I don’t have that here at my apartment, my mom found this pretty one at Target so I can still keep the tradition. Have I mentioned I love my mom?

What are your special holiday traditions?

FYI: A Charlie Brown Christmas is on ABC on Tuesday at 8 pm… and yes, you better believe I’m watching it 🙂


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