it’s just been one of those days… not bad but laughable.

It started out at 7 this morning 8 this morning when I woke up an hour late. I’m not sure if my alarm didn’t go off, if I turned off my alarm or if I just plainly slept through it, but I randomly (and thankfully) woke up at 8:00 and quickly ran out the door and up to my final. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten dressed, grabbed breakfast and got up to campus in time (and in 30 minutes) before in my life. Glad to know I can do it! And very thankful for fruit and larabars for being fast, accessible and delicious.

My final went went. It was just group presentations for a client. I don’t know how much she deserved our work as students, but our teacher loved them so that’s all that matters right now.

(Side note: I got an e-mail from my finance teacher saying that grades were posted. I was so nervous because that was my hardest class/final and I needed to do well on it…. I got an A-!!!!! 🙂 )

Then, I thought right after those presentations that I had my last final, PR Case Studies. I was looking over my study guide (kinda) while talking to one of my friend’s in the class. She said she had to go to her advising meeting so she’d see me later to which I responded, “what about our final?” and she nicely informed me that it’s tomorrow! Whoops! I was so looking forward to just be done, but at least I know I’m prepared….

But on that note, I think I’m going to get a cup of tea and relax for a bit before 2 meetings in relation to my exciting news… it’ll be up tonight or tomorrow… 🙂


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