let’s catch up…

…shall we?

Even though I’ve been off for 4 days now, I’ve still managed to be very busy. But did I sleep in saturday morning, my first day off? Ummm no- haha!

Let’s start on Saturday. Saturday I had a play date with Patrick. I met him at the metro before riding 3 more stops to go to OpenCity for brunch. I had heard good things about this place so why not try it? It was hoppin’! Nicely, it was a lovely (and not too cold) day so we sat outside waiting for our table AND Kathleen. Kathleen met us which was a lovely surprise. I had talked to her via email for months now (she works at Eating Disorders Coalition), but hadn’t been able to find a time to meet. Well this was it.

We had a fabulous, relaxing brunch. It was diner-like and comfortable. I ordered an omelet, one of my favorite diner items, and while it was good, I have to admit, I make better omelets at home πŸ˜›

Kathleen said that one of her favorite memorials was the FDR Memorial and since Patrick and I had never been, we up and decided to go. I love adventures! Look at how pretty it was…

It was so peaceful and beautifully designed. It was a pleasure to be there and if you’re ever in D.C., try to go there!

After the memorial, I separated from both Kathleen and Patrick to get home before my uncle and aunt picked me up for the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. It was so interesting. Wow! You couldn’t take pictures in the exhibit, but take this one after…

All of these statues were terra cotta (obviously) and hundreds of pounds. Them and statues of horses were buried so the Gods ensure the empire would have a good after-life.

After that, we went to Zaytinya for dinner. Delicious!!! They’re roasted red pepper and feta dip was was favorite. Simple, fresh and sooo good! I had so much pita bread, it was crazy, but they kept bringing it out piping hot… sorry I couldn’t resist and I enjoyed every bite! πŸ™‚

Luckily, after a fun, but tiring day, I got to sleep-in, relax, and watch movies ALL sunday!!! wooohooo!

But what happened Monday to now? I promise it’s fun…


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