first few days of break…

…have been interesting.

So where’d we leave off? Oh, that’s right, Monday morning.

After a lazy Sunday, I woke up around 6 a.m. to catch a 8:35 a.m. train to NYC! It was an impromptu trip with a friend. They had a segment to do for the media and was nervous so as a support and someone who studies communication and ways to deal with the media, I went. Now as you know, I LOVE NYC so I was so excited just to walk around and breathe it all in once again. Which is what we ended up doing since we got a call saying that our part of the segment was being postponed…

So what to do in NYC? First lunch! We went to Sarabeth’s on Central Park South and it was oh-so-good. Then it was time for some Starbucks (would you believe I got a cinnamon latte?) and walking around. We got to around Murray Hill when we got tired. They went back to the hotel and I went down to the Financial District to see Whitney! YAY! Whitney’s been my best friend since kindergarten so when you get us together, it’s always fun!

I just dropped off my stuff and made sure Harley knew who I was before we left to meet Molly at Gramercy Tavern. Yes, I still go there every time I visit the city for great food and to see my ex-chef. As usual, it was fabulous! I absolutely love going there and it’ll never grow old. The night consisted just of tea (what?!?!) and talking after a tour of Whit’s building. Perfect!

I got on a 12:35 p.m. train back to BWI Tuesday afternoon. Even though it was a quick trip, it was fun and I was also able to get to Elena’s house to stay with her Tuesday night when her parents were off in D.C. having fun at a Christmas party 🙂

(PS: sorry for the lack of pictures. my camera has been acting up so when i get it fixed, I’ll be picture-happy!)


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