i don’t know if it’s going to stop anytime soon…

It’s still snowing outside… It hasn’t stopped once since I woke up at 9:30 this morning!

Restaurants are closing, the metro is closed at some stops and everyone’s just staying inside. I hope if you’re stuck here, it’s with someone you like 😉

I haven’t done a lot more this afternoon as this morning. More movies and more baking…

I know it’s a box mix that I got at the convenience store in my building. It actually very well stocked, but I always forget it’s there. Anyways, I wanted to bake brownies, but I 1. didn’t have unsweetened chocolate, 2. don’t have a heat-resistant bowl to melt chocolate over a double boiler and 3. was craving chocolate and didn’t feel like being healthy- women, you’d understand.

Does anyone else do this?

They came out like this…

No, I didn’t eat half of them. I froze half for another time, but I liked the picture.

Now, once again I think it’s time for this…

… gotta love chick flicks on TV… and maybe a cup of tea… mmmm 🙂 Stay warm!


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