2010 resolutions

Today, while I was baking off three different kinds of cookies, the local news was on and had a teaser about making your New Year resolutions stick. When the story actually came on, it went right into the common New Year resolution of losing weight. Ironic? Maybe, but UGH!

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, for someone who wants to promote a healthy and positive body image, these kinds of stories are fueling the fire for body dissatisfaction. It puts doubts into people’s minds that their body isn’t good enough and that starting January 1st, we all must go on a diet from the overindulgence of the holiday.

Maybe you have had one too many sweet this holiday (I know I have) or you’ve had a few too many nights of drinking. Whatever it is, once you get back to your normal eating and exercise schedule, your weight will also go back to normal.

So instead of focusing on a resolution of a diet (which isn’t fun anyway), focus on health. What can you do this year to be stronger? to help you live longer? to make your mind and spirit work as one? Not only will you feel better (and probably get trim in the process), you’ll have more energy and you’re confidence will go up.

I put together my New Year solutions and thought I’d share them here because it will help me track them and keep me accountable… let’s see…

1. Keep listening to my body, mind, spirit and do what I can to keep them in sync. This is something I have done since I stopped using any ED behaviors about 2 years ago. It’s highly important to keep all of them working together and focus on yourself and what your body needs.

2. In conjunction with mind and body, I want to start practicing yoga 2-3 times a week (or as much as I can). There’s a bikram yoga studio near me and I keep chickening out since it’s a new place to me. Well, that’s going to end now! Let’s dust off that yoga mat and get going…

3. I’d also like to start running and hope to enter and run in at least one 5K this year. For some that might be an easy goal, but for someone who’s never been good at running (dance used different muscles), I think that’s an attainable goal.

4. Moving onto some school related goals, I’d like to finally graduate college with honors. May 8th, baby! I think six years is enough time for college, what do you think?

5. I hope to have a job lined up for after graduation too. I’m working on two job applications right now for entry level positions at Ogilvy and Mather and Weber Shandwick. Both are in NYC which is exciting (I’d love to go back) and great opportunities. We’ll see what else comes my way…

6. Worst case scenario, I’ll start my cookie business sooner than later. This year, I’d like to get my catering license (and do whatever other paperwork) so I can slowly build my cookie business through website ordering (I’ll keep you posted) and use it as a fun outlet and also another side source of income.

7. On to more personal goals, I really cannot wait for my independent study I’m doing this semester and hope to truly create a comprehensive PR campaign that will promote a healthy body image while using the food and fashion industries. I’d love all of your support and feedback so feel free to comment and make any suggestions. This campaign is for you and your image so please help!

8. Going off of that, I want to get more involved with advocacy efforts that coincide with my study. I’m involved with the planning and execution of AU’s Body Image Awareness Week and I’m excited.

9. Which feeds into… I hope to raise money for the FREED Foundation that helps connect people to funds to help them get into inpatient or outpatient care for eating disorders. It’s also very involved with the FREED Act which is currently in Congress to make eating disorders categorized as a mental illness and get insurance coverage similar to alcoholism and drug addiction. How wonderful is that?

I’m in charge of planning a walk as our kick off event for BIAW and all the money raised during the walk will go straight to the foundation so if you’re in the DC area on February 21st, please come support!

10. This might not sound like a resolution, but I always like to end with the resolution of to keep having fun, travel when I can and just learn what I can from the people in my life and experiences that come my way and the places I encounter. Life should always be lived to its fullest (trust me, when you have an experience of possibly losing your life, this becomes important)! Love yourself and keep those dreams alive!

xo šŸ™‚


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