baby it’s (icy) outside

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I woke up to this…

which looks pretty, but this is not…

ICK! I thought my trip to Bloomingdale’s and Whole Foods was going to be cancelled until I saw an email saying that the government was open. If the government’s open then the roads are more than fine. So then what to have for breakfast?

I remembered I had two almost empty jars of Barney Butter that I saved in my pantry (I finished them right before Christmas and was able to restock in Williamsburg 🙂 ) so I thought I’d give ‘oats in a jar’ a try since I’ve seen it around blog land.

umm YUM!!!

I was going to make “real” oatmeal like Kath’s, but I was trying to make the 10:40 bus so I stuck with my cinnamon Kashi instant oatmeal– I know I know, but I love it. In with the oatmeal packet and water, I added some frozen banana slices before putting it into the microwave which did make it creamier and then I added frozen blueberries when it was done. Then it was into the jar which i scraped down with a spatula after the oats were in…

It warmed me right up!

Unfortunately my Bloomingdale’s trip didn’t help planning for tonight and then my knee started to hurt badly so I headed back to Whole Foods and home. Now it’s time to chill with Molly and Melissa before heading out tonight….

….however, I am roasting a turkey for the first time tonight so we’ll see how that goes….

Be safe tonight! See you in 2010! 🙂


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