starting off on the right foot…

Before Molly and I went out last night, I made us dinner. Nothing usual since whenever I have a friend over, they’re more likely going to get fed in one way or another, but last night was the first time I ever roasted a whole turkey breast myself.

See usually I always request a roasted chicken when I go home. That way, I get to eat it and bring a breast or two back (if my mom cooks two) with gravy. So I’ve never done it myself.

There’s a farm near my house (or my parent’s house I should say) that raises turkeys and they are delicious! We had two turkeys from there for Thanksgiving- a regular one and a smoked one- and we couldn’t wait to go back. For New Year’s Eve, my mom got 3 turkeys. Can you tell we like to eat? hehe! She got 1 regular one for them, 1 smoked turkey for them, and 1 regular turkey for me, but for mine, my mom cut off the legs and dark meat and made gravy from them instead.

So onto my bird…

I peeled and cut 3 carrots lenthwise and sliced one onion and placed them on a baking sheet. Then I put a half a head of garlic, a bunch of thyme and a bay leaf in the cavity. Lastly, I patted the turkey breast dry and then put salt, pepper and cooking spray all over him.

Into the oven it went for about 2.5 hours on 350 degrees and out came this…

I served it with…brussel sprouts that were tossed in salt, pepper, garlic and balsamic mustard before roasting in the oven for 40 minutes at 350. (I usually roast them at 400, but they had to cook with the turkey)

and peas that were steamed and sauteed with lettuce and a little butter, salt and pepper. Sauteed lettuce and peas is a French thing, but so good! Try it!

Lastly, the gravy! So good. I started with some of the gravy my mom made for me with the turkey legs and boiled it down to about 1.5 cups (from 4 cups), added a 1/2 cup-ish of white wine, 1 cup of chicken broth and reduced that for 5 minutes. Once the turkey was done, I scraped the pan and put all the browned bits, juices, onion and carrot in with the gravy. Reduced it for another 7ish minutes before putting it in a bowl and straining the onions and carrots to serve on the side.

I know all the reducing seems tedious, but I assure you it’s 1. worth it and 2. not hard since you can being doing it while preparing something else. Would I lie to you?

The only thing I did struggle with was cutting it. I had never done it before and without the legs and thighs, it was hard to balance- haha!

Ta da!

All together!

I was so proud everything turned out well! I love to cook, but I don’t cook for other a lot and when I do, it’s baked goods which is a whole different animal. My mom’s the fabulous cook in the family and I’m happy I’m finally finding my own entertaining recipes 🙂

Now, before…

You’ll just have to wait for the “after” later…


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