shop, eat, repeat!

Today was my first day back in NYC that I had free to myself so what do you think I did? A little shopping, a little eating and you got one happy Jacquie.

If you were following me on Twitter (@sweetestthingdc), you know that my first stop today was…


I love Chelsea Market. It has cute, wonderful stores that remind me of a American version of a French market since you can buy specific thing at specific stores. Oh, and FoodNetwork is located on top of it too! There’s…

for dairy obviously. They have the best milk, ice cream, yogurt and butter products you could ask for. There’s…

for great breads (obviously). And you can go to Sarabeth’s for the perfect accompaniment- jam! I got a few- plum cherry, peach, apricot, and blood orange marmalade so I’m sure you’ll see them back on here.

One of my favorite places to look at is…

Buon Italia!

and this too….

… it was 2-3x the normal jar! Tempting but it probably wouldn’t fit in my suitcase so I didn’t but it 😛

Moving on to go here…

…to get fruit for the rest of the weekend and get nutrients before getting this as a snack…

flavors: Nutella and Biscotto! The two favorites I’d always get in Paris. ::sigh:: Then I stopped…

here (Jacques Torres)…

here (Fat Witch Bakery) and…

…here (Eleni’s)!

Yes, I had just a bit of fun! I always do when I’m here.

Next was Soho. I love just walking around and looking at all the boutique windows. I tried to get some leggings that are made in jean and regular pant material at Uniqlo because my best friend, Whitney, loves them, but failed. They were all out of jeans and the other ones were on sale so colors and sizes were scarce.

Fortunately, my favorite jeans are 7 for All Mankind and I googled and found a store in Soho! Unfortunately for my wallet, I walked out with two pairs.

But I did find this on the floor so maybe my luck will be multiplied by 5…? We can only hope!

While tonight was amazing, I don’t have any pictures. I met Molly at Landmarc for dinner and had a fabulous pork chop with a caramelized onion jus, sauteed apples, and sauteed spinach. YUM! We also split two extra sides of lentils and spinach. It’s always nice to eat with Molly because she understands my love for veggies 🙂

Then we saw Burn the Floor at the Longacre Theatre. Oh my goodness! If you like dancing, you’ll love this! It was AMAAAAZING! Guest stars included Mary Murphy, Derek Hough and Kym Johnson. I so want to take ballroom dancing lessons now- haha!

Oh, and to my future husband, I hope you know how to dance 😉

Ok, I’m wiped! Time to go spend time with Whitney and get ready for another fun day tomorrow! Night!


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