it’s wednesday!

Please excuse my random posting schedule as I try to get back into a routine for this semester. So far this week has been a lot of meetings and organizing as well as having my first few classes which I’ll tell you more about at the end of the week.

But get ready for a few things…

1. I have a meeting with my advisor for my independent study today so I’ll be able to tell you more of my plan of attack with that and how you can get involved and help out if you’d like 🙂

2. I have a meeting with the Wellness Director tomorrow about the walk for Body image Awareness Week to get logistics settled and to file the parade permit form. Did you know that you have to get a permit to have a walk, even if it’s short, from the police? I knew there would have to be some sort of process to get it approved, but calling the police station to figure out exactly what had to be done was a little intimidating- haha!

3. On Friday I’m going to George Mason University to hear my dear friend Kathleen MacDonald talk about eating disorder awareness, intervention and prevention. I’m so happy to be listening that evening because 1. I think Kathleen’s wonderful, 2. I can get some insight from her speech about things to use for my study (yes I’m going to be living and breathing this study for the next 5 months), and 3. can’t wait to catch up with her afterwards.

HOWEVER, this week also is DC’s Restaurant Week which is super exciting. Three course lunches are $24.09 while dinners are $35.09 which makes going to normally expensive (and out of my budget) restaurants affordable. These restaurants usually put their “signature” or well known dishes on the menu as well so you don’t miss out 🙂 Tonight I’m going to Cafe Bonaparte with Anne. I can’t wait! We’ve been talking back and forth for a little while so it’ll finally be nice to meet in person.

Do you go to restaurant week? What type of food do you search out?


2 responses to “it’s wednesday!

  1. Hey–

    I just started reading your blog! I found you through Anne’s blog. I live in DC and will be going to Tosca tomorrow night– cannot wait !! 🙂

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