new product #1

Even though I’m at a healthy weight and eating well now, I still am interested in other diets (like vegetarianism, veganism, raw eating, etc) and seeing if some things work for me and if some don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could give up my mom’s roasted chicken or my chocolate chip cookies, but making small changes can’t hurt.

Enter in hemp milk.

After seeing Food Inc. (which I highly recommend) and reading some articles, I have learned more about the dairy industry and its practices- just like the meat industry. Now am I going to give up cheese or milk? Probably not. I eat goat cheese in every omelet I make, but I will start to make more informed choices and as much as I like milk, I’ve been decreasing my intake for the past few years.

My friend Molly, who doesn’t eat a lot of dairy other than some cheese, She recommended hemp milk because it still has protein like cow’s milk and does not shift hormone levels like soy milk can. Also, Gena recently recommended hemp milk so I thought let’s try it!

So last night I did it! I bought hemp milk. After listening to my friend Kathleen speak at George Mason University, I came home hungry so I decided to make a warming bowl of oatmeal and use it in place of the usual water. I was a little nervous with the difference in smell (not strong, but just different), but what was the verdict?

It was really good! I’m glad I started having it this way, instead of just drinking it plain, because it made my oatmeal really creamy and I didn’t taste a difference at all. It’s definitely going to be a consistent change in my morning oatmeal. Then I found these benefits:

  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Clear, Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Strong, Healthy Heart (source)

And comparing the two milks (hemp milk to skim milk), I found…

  • Good for any food allergy (dairy-free, gluten free, 100% vegetarian, low in sodium and cholesterol-free)
  • Has just as much calcium as cow’s milk
  • More B12 vitamins than cow’s milk
  • And while it has fat that skim milk lacks, it’s from the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Obviously cow’s milk does have it’s benefits, but for a little change in pace, I’m liking the new change.

Do you drink cow’s milk or a non-dairy substitute?


3 responses to “new product #1

  1. At home, I drink organic cow’s milk and when I’m out, order soy, but want to switch over to more non-cow milk. Hemp and almond milk are both on my “to try” list.

    Great blog!

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