10 surgeries?!?

I read this article when it came out and then watched this video today about Heidi Montag and why she decided to have the plastic surgeries she did.


“It’s my body. I need to feel comfortable as a woman, as a person…” She then goes on to say that Spencer supports her no matter what he looks like and that he’s more concerned about her inner beauty, but she wants to do it for herself.

Now obviously you have to feel comfortable in your own skin, but to go through 10 plastic surgeries to do that, there’s something deeper there that’s an issue. What I feel is real beauty is confidence. Confidence that you look good, but mainly the confidence to accept your body flaws and all. Being “perfect” or our society’s “ideal” doesn’t gain you confidence, doesn’t gain you friends, doesn’t gain you the great job or anything else for that matter. You might be looked at and that might be great for a minute until it’s gone and you’re still with your insecurities.

In my previous post, I said that people were too quick to judge people based on their looks rather than who they are as a person. I feel like while this may have happened here, another problem can be us judging ourselves inadequately and frankly, too harshly. It’s a tough spiral because once you give in the negativity and get used to seeing yourself badly, you will. Then if you don’t nourish yourself well enough, depression and negatively come easily because you’re not thinking straight. See the problem?

If Spencer is so concerned with her inner beauty, he should help her see her beauty, not just her appearance. She obviously needs that support that might not be vocalized completely. For the rest of her life, she’s going to have to keep up with these procedures as she ages, or until she takes them out in which case they were a waste of money to begin with, because it’s something unnatural in her body which will be aging naturally.

Likewise, I’d really like to know what doctor actually did all of these procedures. I was talking to the Wellness Director at school about her insecurities, the procedures and the messages it was sending into society. While it sounds reasonable, he said that you should only have one, maybe two procedures in a day because your body has to go through a strenuous process to heal. Having ten is ridiculous and not only was she having a procedure or surgery done when she didn’t need it, she was physically harming her body.

What’s scary too is I learned there’s no board certification for plastic surgeons. Scary, right? This means that any M.D. can perform one of these procedures if they wanted to and then you run the risk of improper procedure, tools and infection. That sounds fun.

It is your body and you should do whatever you want to it. I do believe that that’s your right, but before going under the knife or even considering a change like that, ask yourself Why? What’s really the issue? What’s the underlying reason you feel inadequate and try to fix that first.

You only have one life to live and it’s better to enjoy it and have fun then worrying about your body the whole time 🙂 Plus, imperfections make you different so why would you want to try them away?


3 responses to “10 surgeries?!?

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  2. I totally agree with you !

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