study progress

Can I just say that there’s so much stuff (research, articles, books, you name it) on the food and fashion industry! It’s crazy. I’ve already watched 2 documentaries (Food Inc. and America, the Beautiful), read 3 fashion magazines (I’ll continue to read Allure, Vogue, and Glamour every month to spot trends), started 2 books (In Defense of Food and The Taste of Sweet) and have already gone through many, many, many articles (if you see any interesting ones, send them my way!). I love the internet, but there’s seriously new information every day from columnists, bloggers, advocates, etc. Wow!

However, if you haven’t seen yet, I have posted my thoughts about some things that I’ve read, seen, and thought about. I’ll be continuing this as well as sticking in some recipes for some fun. 🙂 Let’s see, I’ve written about…

Brittany Murphy and Kathleen’s speech at GMU

Heidi Montag– sorry! How could I not?

the Golden Globes and…

America, the Beautiful

That’s only a start and a scrap of what I’ve actually done, but just keep with me and we’ll explore more. Is there anything you’d like to specifically know about?


Oh, and EXCITEMENT! There’s an update about Body Image Awareness Week! I think we’re also going to have t-shirts made so I’m thinking of a logo contest… anyone interested?


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