which do you prefer? real or fake?

I saw this on Jezebel at the end of last week and then Beautiful You today. It definitely shows the difference between being photoshopped and not. If you’ve been following me at all, you know which one I pick as “beautiful” and if you’re new, I’ll give you a hint, I’m conservative and always lean right… 😉


Which do you prefer? Be honest!


4 responses to “which do you prefer? real or fake?

  1. Thanks for the kind mention! I prefer the natural shot without question. Demi looks happy and quite “free” in it. In the other she looks like a plastic brunette Barbie.

    • Of course! You do too many great things to not mention you 🙂

      I completely agree with you. The happiness and “free”-ness (as you say) is airbrushed out of the ad making her look more cold and plastic. Why is that supposed to be more attractive?

  2. omgosh – thats crazy! and sooo sad! i love the one one the right, she looks so much more real and natural

  3. wow she looks so fake in the left photo!

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