here comes the sun…

Happy Monday!

I thought after many article posts (and considering I have two other drafts lined up), I’d break it up with a fun post of a few things I did this weekend. Obviously school is taking over my life- specifically this study- but with the weather being nice, I also got up and around.

Saturday, I got to sleep in πŸ™‚ and then made oatmeal that I was craving- anyone else get oatmeal cravings even after you eat it 5/7 days? My newest addictive combination is oatmeal made with hemp milk and half of a banana topped with blueberries and a small spoon of Barney Butter. YUM! It tastes like blueberry banana bread and I love it!

I had been wanting to go down to Georgetown since last week so I finally got out the door and walked down to Georgetown. I stopped in Lululemon first (LOVE their clothes, but my wallet can’t take that now 😦 ) before going to Georgetown Cupcake. If you follow them on Twitter (@GTownCupcake), they tweet a free cupcake flavor each day. When you go, you just have to ask. I did just that and walked out with a free toffee cupcake, a salted caramel cupcake for Ally and 4 others for friends and to nibble on for the rest of the week. I really wish I could go today though. Their flavor is BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP! yummmmm!

I continued walking around and ended up in Dean & Deluca and Anthropologie. I love love love Anthropologie, not only for it’s clothes but it’s housewares. I got this fabulous glasses…

How fun are they? I finally figured out what my overall style is when I was there- vintage french. I have tons of french provencal patterns for the kitchen, but the rest is reds, beiges, pinks, shades of grey and all in old fashion vintage prints and so forth. These go right into that.

I finally went to Banes & Noble to look at a few books, but ended up with nothing which is quite a feat for me. On my way back, I had to stop in Dolcezza for gelato (I got chocolate and butter pecan). It was sooo good and a fabulous snack for a sunny day- I was pretending it was summer, ok?

That night I got to see both my friends, Meredith and Alex, before stopping in at Chef Geoff’s to see Ally and give her her cupcake before having a queit movie night πŸ™‚

Sunday was a lot of homework, but I did manage to roast some vegetables and make some of this…

Sometimes baking is just it’s own therapy.

So is licking the spoon πŸ˜‰

However, if you haven’t already, head over to The Weekly Bite. I met Estela yesterday for coffee and she’s just as wonderful as she sounds on her blog. She’s a nutritionist at Sibley Hospital, which is near AU, and helping me with my independent study and Body Image Awareness Week. I love her approach to being and eating healthfully though as it’s a lifestyle, and not based on a number- number of calories, number on the scale, numbers gone! She also has good recipes on there… I’m thinking those vegan banana muffins (with added chocolate chips) might quench my miss of Georgetown Cupcake today… hmmm…

How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did?

Now I see more writing in my future…


3 responses to “here comes the sun…

  1. we should go to georgetown!

    I would love to go shopping with you =)

    only if you are not too tired of g-town

    • Never! How can you get sick of it? There’s anyways nooks to explore.

      Would you want to come to my apartment and then we could walk down from there?

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