walkin’ in a winter wonderland

If you’re living north of North Carolina, you probably have a landscape similar to this…

Yes, we got snow that started last night and still hasn’t stopped. Actually as I type now (it’s about 4:30 pm), it’s getting harder. I had heard 3-5 inches were predicted, but I think it might be close to 6 by the time it stops. I’ll let you know later 🙂

I was crazy though and did walk around a bit. I got a latte, took some pictures and made a snow angel. Now I’m bundled up for a cozy movie watching and writing night. Stay tuned for some good posts coming up on recent articles on photoshopping, the number on the scale and my review of Skinny Bitch. In the meantime….

(even though it’s a paw print, I thought it looked like a flower 🙂 )

(yup, I’m a five year old at heart, but hey, you gotta have some fun on a snow day!)

Stay warm! 🙂


One response to “walkin’ in a winter wonderland

  1. That snow is gorgeous! It’s funny because as you took those photos we were wearing shorts here in Florida 🙂

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