what did you see first?

I recently came across this ad for Evans, a clothing brand based in the U.K.


The ad was inspired by the 1990’s Vogue magazine spread that featured Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Tatjana Patitz. However, it replaced those women with Britney Vecchio, Hayley Morley, Crystal Renn (remember her here?), Amber Tolliver and Peeky.

The catch or worthiness of me mentioning this… Evan’s is a plus-size brand catering to sizes 14-32 which is very uncommon in the industry and can be hard to shop for. Likewise, when you first look at the ad, or at least when I did, I saw their relaxed and friend-like stance- not their weight.

Following that, in a press release for this shoot, the vice president of Ford Models, Gary Dakin, said that these models were considered “plus-size,” but they make you forget about their size. He also said that these were the girls who were going to change the industry and show what can happen when they model for key brands and leaders of the fashion world.

What do you think? What did you see first?


2 responses to “what did you see first?

  1. I saw just a regular shot with models, with pretty ladies in cute clothes. but when I read on and looked closer at the picture I could see they actually had curves and looked like normal, beautiful girls. We become so ingrained with expecting that models are to be unnaturally thin, and then when a model is thin but normal thin, they look fat by comparison. It shouldn’t be that way.

  2. Cool post! When I first looked at the picture I didn’t even notice anything out of the ordinary! Especially since the girl in front has such fierce cheekbones 🙂

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