Sorry guys for my lack of posting lately. It’s been an interesting week filled with personal drama, school work and getting ready for this snow storm.

Yup, that’s right. We’re getting another snow storm this weekend. It started falling around 11 this morning (right after I got out of yoga) and probably won’t stop until tomorrow night or Sunday morning. They’re expecting 20-30 inches which is huge for D.C. If you get what’s expected, this could be the biggest storm in D.C since 1776!

Another reason I haven’t posted so much is while I’m still reviewing articles, I’ve started to read a few books which obviously take longer to read and then write about. I’ll keep you updated though as I’m getting a post together for Skinny Bitch right now.

In the meantime…

1. check Body Image Awareness Week for updates and registration

2. let me know if I haven’t reviewed any topic you’d like to learn more about concerning body image, fashion or food

3. check back soon for a fabulous recipe for barley risotto 🙂

4. stay safe and warm if you’re in this area!

Oh, even though I’m unattached, Valentine’s Day is coming up! As a holiday, I actually hate it (I don’t see why you can’t tell them how you feel everyday, but that’s just me), but it is a good excuse to make a special dessert. What’s you’re favorite dessert-like flavor combination for Valentine’s Day? Mine is chocolate covered strawberries. Yummm!


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