get me outta here!

I know I’m been MIA for the past few days, but I promise it’s for good reason. As all the snow hit, I have to admit, I was getting anxious and panicking. Nothing was wrong, but it just feel stuck and be inside all the time was not making me happy. Can you tell that I love being outside?

So then it stopped and things started to open on Friday, but my biggest challenge was to get out and make a flight to TEXAS! This doesn’t seem like a hard feat, but it was and made me hate the snow. Friday morning, our flight was still scheduled to go, so my parents decided that we were going. Because my dad had been out of work for 2 days (being stuck at home with the snow), he had to go in for a few hours. I was going to take the metro to Medical Center (because the Red line wasn’t running completely to Shady Grove), he was going to pick me up around noon, and then we were going to go home to pick my mom up on our way to BWI. Simple, right?

Well that morning, knowing my dad had a meeting right before he was going to pick me up so I thought I’d take a cab to his office instead to save some time. I called a cab at 10 a.m. to get picked up at 11 a.m.

By noon, I still hadn’t been picked up. There had been 2 cabs that had come by while I was waiting, but since I didn’t know exact directions to get to Rockville, they wouldn’t take me. Then I used Mapquest to get the directions so someone could take me, but that wasn’t good enough. Now I’m getting worried because the metro had been delayed because of a car derailment and was still only running every 20-30 minutes. What could I do?

I then tried to get a cab to bring me to my parent’s house since I know how to get there exactly, but the cab driver was worried that the streets weren’t plowed enough. When I assured him that the streets were better there than here in D.C, he didn’t believe me. Ugh, sorry, but DC cab drivers can be so lazy!

Finally, I called my aunt who lives in Northern VA, across the bridge from me, to see if she could help me out. Their street wasn’t perfect, but she nicely said she would. After getting stuck in traffic (since some streets only have 1 lane completely plowed), we finally got to my dad’s office at 1:30 p.m.

Did we catch our 3:15 p.m. flight to Houston? bum bum bum….


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