everything’s bigger (or is it better?) in texas!

If you thought we’d make it to Texas, you were right! It barely happened and luckily our flight was delayed a little, but we did it. When I got in the car with my dad, I called my mom and asked her to just meet us at the airport since we definitely didn’t have time to stop and get her. Traffic wasn’t bad on 95 so we flew and got to security (where my mom was waiting for us) by 2:45 p.m. Yippee!

Friday Night

Once I got to Edith’s, we went out to dinner to an authentic taco restaurant. So mexican authentic that the waitors were speaking spanish and the menus were in spanish. Luckily, both Edith and her roommate/best friend Michelle speak spanish fluently because I needed translation! I’ll be honest, my favorite part about mexican food is the rice, beans and veggies; however, with this being authentic tacos, there was a lot of meat which I’m not eating a lot of so what to do? I actually got sides as my main course and I highly suggest it when you want to create something for yourself that doesn’t follow the menu.

They served everyone their house-made pinto beans so that was set. Then I ordered 2 small side salads with just iceburg lettuce and tomato and a side of mexican rice. On the salads, I sprinkled the rice over top and then covered it all with the beans and their sauce. Edith got some sauteed onions too. I stole a few. Not only was it what I wanted and craved, it was simple and delicious.

The best part? It was $2.80! Yes, you read right. The salads were $.50 each and the rice was $1.53. Add tax and you got $2.80! I was shocked. I wish I had the receipt to show but my mom accidentally threw it away the next morning after I showed her.


Saturday was devoted to family. After sleeping in and eating lunch at Amici in the Sugarland Town Center, we headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house. My mom and I had actually never been there and that day was just for my uncle and celebrating his recovery. We first saw Uncle John as we were walking up and it was great to see him so happy and healthy. We hadn’t told either of them that I was coming so it was a nice little surprise. Surprise! Aunt Lydia said later that Uncle John hadn’t expected us to come since we lived further away, but could we miss it? Of course not!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing this…

(I actually won 2 out 3 games!) and talking to their wonderful friends. Uncle Henry and Aunt Lisa (who nicely brought me to the airport) from VA came later in the day so the family was complete (except for Aunt Erika, but she doesn’t like traveling).

There was also a lot of delicious food! Their great friends Reagan (Hi!) and Brian make amazing barbeque with their custom-made pit. Oh my! It’s fabulous!

sausage and beef brisket

baked beans with bacon

pork ribs and pulled pork

chicken stuffed with cream cheese and sausage

delicious homemade bread

There were also jalapeno poppers, shrimp, and queso. Everything smelled wonderful, but I’m sure you’re wondering what I had if I’m not eating a lot of meat. This is one reason I’ll never restrict myself to a label of vegan or vegetarian- sometimes you work with what you have. So I actually took a cup (yes, I love eating from bowls more than a plate and I’m 23) and tore some bread into bite sized pieces and then put baked beans on top of it with some onion and barbeque sauce (Reagan makes the best sauce ever!). Maybe sounds weird, but it was really good and perfect for me.

Oh, and these for dessert…

“L&J” “chemo no more!” “wahoo” “L&J forever”

Can you tell my family loves M&M’s?

It was such a wonderful time and we’re hoping to go back for Reagan and Brian’s huge barbeque party in May. I might not be able to go because of finals 😦 but I told my mom to just bring tupperware down for me and I’d be satisfied with leftovers 🙂

me, Uncle John, Aunt Lydia

Thank goodness for my wonderful (and healthy) family!


As everyone knows it was Valentine’s Day, but since I’m single it was just another wonderful day to spend with family. We met for brunch around 11 a.m. and went to Escalante’s. Ugh, I wish I brought my camera there too because it was sooo good! I had a omelet with spinach and zucchini with mexican potatoes (like breakfast potatoes with onion and pepper) and beans on the side. YUM! The rest of my family got one of the specials which was 2 fried eggs with cheese, mexican potatoes, skirt steak with bacon wrapped shrimp, and a small piece of french toast which looked more like a square churro.

Lots of talking and eating before we left and walked around the square for a little bit.

my dad, my mom, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Henry, Aunt Lydia, Uncle John, me

We had to stop by Swirll before leaving per Melissa’s recommendation the night before and it didn’t let us down. It’s a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place and it was so fun! We have frozen yogurt places but not ones where you serve yourself. I wish we did! I got an unpictured cake batter yogurt with chocolate chips, Reese’s and cookie dough! Fabulous!

I can’t tell you how nice it was to be with family and to see my aunt and uncle’s love for each other and explore their city. I love them so much and as much as it’s nice to be home, I can’t wait to go back. Cross your fingers for May!


7 responses to “everything’s bigger (or is it better?) in texas!

  1. Glad you got to get down there and spend time with your family!

  2. What a wonderful surprise to see you walk in the house with your parents! A great weekend with family and friends to celebrate the end of chemotherapy. We could not have done it without you and the others offering up prayers and support. Uncle John saw the doctor today and does not have to go back for 3 months. Now our travels by motorcycle can REALLY begin. Love ya!

  3. Definately a great time had by all! Hope to go down in May! hehe! Hopefully, you can join us, too!

  4. Ohhhh my goodness why don’t I have friends with a custom barbecue pit?! That looks awesome!
    Also, I live in NoVa so we are neighbors 😀

  5. Yes, taqueria’s (taco restaurant) are wonderfully inexpensive with good food. I never go because I can’t speak Spanish (and here it’s really not proper Spanish, it’s got more slang in it).

    I’m glad you liked the food. Come in May or any other time. You actually need to view the bbq pit in person!

    I have lots of bread recipes (other than the afore mentioned poor white bread). Pounding on bread dough is good for handling frustration, anxiety, lots of things! 🙂

    Great to finally meet you. Your Aunt Lydia has told me much about you. Nice to put a face and voice with a name!

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