i love my…


Your eyes help you see and explore the world as part of your senses, but I’ll admit that I’ve always liked the color of my color. They’re green-ish, but can look blue at times.

…my lips

Because who doesn’t like to give and receive kisses. They give love and bring love whether it’s to family members, your pets, your friends or that special someone.

…my armsIt used to be a joke that I didn’t have upper-body strength when I was younger. Yes, I danced, but I never lifted weights and my arms just weren’t strong. Fast-forward to when I worked at Great Harvest and then went to culinary school. Yup, I got upper body strength. Carrying those 50# of flour or sugar are heavy!

…my stomach and my hips

As women, you grow up learning to hate your stomach and hips. You’re stomach isn’t flat enough and your hips are too wide than the ideal. Well I’ll give you a secret, when I stopped caring if my stomach was flat or not and looked at all the wonderful things it could do, it became stronger and flatter. Go figure! And my hips? Well, I’ve literally had hips since I was about 8 and they’re not going away so I might as well love them.

…my legs

Gotta pointe those toes! My legs have carried me through years and years of dance as well as miles of walking around different cities. They’re truly amazing and even though my knees don’t like me sometimes, I like them 🙂

In honor of the beginning of Body Image Awareness Week at American University (and National Eating Disorders Awareness across the country), I thought we could celebrate our bodies and what they can do. What part of your body do you love?

I’ll post these pictures throughout the week so we can celebrate you too! I haven’t figured out a prize yet, but there will be one at the end of the week, I promise 🙂

To participate:

1) Email the picture to me: sweetestthingdc [at] gmail.com. Make sure the subject says “I LOVE ME”


2) Post about it on your blog and email me the link to your post: sweetestthingdc [at] gmail.com. Make sure the subject says “I LOVE ME”

Get going! Love yourself! ❤


3 responses to “i love my…

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  2. Oh my gosh, I had to LOL when I read “I’ve literally had hips since I was about 8 and they’re not going away” — you’ve literally got the teeniest frame I’ve ever seen on a person! But anyhow that’s unimportant…

    you look great all over–cute post (I lack the courage to photograph my stomach and post it on my blog haha), I will try to participate in your I love me activity a little later.

    see you in class, girlie xo

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