body image awareness week

CORRECTION @ 9 pm: all times and locations of the events this week at AU are now up 🙂

Thank you for all your support for the walk yesterday! It went so well and really benefited the F.R.E.E.D Foundation and those who participated. While I’d love to see the walk continue to grow in the next few years to include more of the community, friends and family of those in recovery or who have recovered, we had about 75 people come out more for themselves so it was very intimate and powerful. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

I’ll definitely post pictures as I get them, but I wanted to say thank you to Kathleen MacDonald who’s truly an inspiration, a great friend and mentor.

Thank you to Renfrew Center in Bethesda for coming to support us and give out great materials about their services and thank you to Rock Recovery for participating 🙂

Thank you to Angela for the glo bars! Everyone LOVED them and we’re gone by the time we packed up to go for the day 🙂

On that note, there are other activities on AU’s campus this week that are both available to students and the community.

Monday, February 22nd: There will be a screening of America, the Beautiful in Ward 2 at 8:15 p.m.

Tuesday, February 23rd: There will be a fashion show showing and celebrating all definitions of beauty at 8 p.m. in the Tavern.

Thursday, February 25th: Chevese Turner, the Director of the Binge Eating Disorder Association, will be on campus to talk about an eating disorder that’s often overlooked in society. Obesity isn’t always about food, but feelings and this will be a great talk at 8 p.m. in Butler Board Room.

If anyone wants to come, but needs directions, please e-mail me and I’ll me happy to help 🙂

In the meantime…


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