are the Europeans onto something?

Milan’s Fashion Week has just started and already stepped off on the right foot in my book. Why?

Because Elena Miro presented a different kind of beauty to the runway by having voluptuous, sensual and “normal-looking” models walking for her. This is actually the second time this week, the first was Mark Fast’s collection at London’s Fashion Week, but it’s a trend that’s hopefully here to stay.

Mark Fast’s collection   (source)

As the brand’s owner, Elena Miroglio said that the main goal was to help real women to feel confident and at peace with themselves. The reasons for anorexia go much deeper [but] the important thing for the designer is to be able to present a different kind of beauty, both in marketing and in the media.

LOVE ❤ LOVE her!

In 2006, the Italian government and two fashion associations signed a code of ethics after Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died of heart failure from her eating disorder. Under these rules, the models cannot walk the catwalk until they’re at least 16 years old and they also have to prove they have no eating disorders. A year later, the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano made Ms. Miroglio a Knight of the Italian Republic, praising the Elena Miro brand for ’emancipating women from a restrictive concept of beauty.

Elena Milo’s collection   (source)

Hopefully this trend catches on or maybe the U.S. will be the next to make it’s move? I can only help.

Do you think our government should get involved? Being that my views towards the government are more conservative, I’m scared one way or the other, but having a code of ethics for our fashion industry might not be a bad thing…


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