great sage

Not only was I able to see my parents and my puppies by coming home for the weekend, but I was able to attend my first blogger dinner tonight! Yay! I’ve loved being a part of a community of strong, encouraging people that I was so happy to finally meet some bloggers around me.

I was lucky enough to meet Anne during DC’s Restaurant Week, but it was great seeing her again along with Kat, Lauren, Matt, Sana, Ashley, and Aurora. We met at Great Sage in Clarksville. It’s actually about 15 minutes away from my parent’s house and half way between Baltimore and Washington. The funny thing was to see how small the world really is. I graduated from Centennial High School in 2004 while Ashley graduated the same year at a neighboring high school. Kat graduated from the same school Ashley did but in 2002 which is the same year as Lauren, who graduated from my school’s rival, and Sana graduated from another school in the county in 2007. Did you get that?

Anyway it was great to finally meet people I’ve been “talking” with online through our blogs in person. Now onto dinner…

Of course, at a blogger dinner, there will be pictures, so let’s start with my dinner of their

The vegetable of the day was sauteed collard greens, but I’ll be honest with you and say I’ve never had collard greens, but I LOVE wilted spinach so I got that instead. Oh and a side of lemon-garlic roasted broccoli.

I want to remake this broccoli at home! I tried to roast broccoli once and it didn’t turn out right because it was toasty on the outside, but not cooked all the way through, but I’m going to definitely try again now.

For my dinner I basically took half of the spinach out of its bowl and onto the side of the rice and then added the spinach, rice, chili and broccoli together. It was sooo good! I didn’t realize until after that my meal was vegan and I didn’t even miss the meat or dairy. It was THAT delicious. The others seemed to like theirs as well.

After dessert (I passed though as I was too satisfied for more) and some hugs goodbye, Anne, Sana, Kat, Matt, Lauren and I walked around Roots, a health foods market catty-corner to the restaurant. I picked up some goodies I can’t wait to try soon…

Now that’s one successful dinner! It was great meeting you all šŸ™‚


8 responses to “great sage

  1. And you got to eat in a bowl! Your FAV!!

  2. Yay, this looks like it was fun! and delicious! i love the flavor of roasted broccoli but I never cook it at home either because it is tricky!

  3. So nice to finally meet you as well!

  4. It was great meeting you yesterday! Good luck with your job interview!

  5. It was SO wonderful to meet you! We’ll definitely have to get together again soon. (And let me know how those truffles are – I might have to pick some up on my next stop!)

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