happy march!

Yay! It’s March which means a lot of good things happen this month! Let’s see…

Wednesday, 3rd: MY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 I’ll be 24!

Friday, 5th to Tuesday, 9th: in NYC staying with Molly and meeting her new puppy along with yummy food and fabulous shopping

Friday, 19th to Sunday, 21st: FitBloggin Conference in Baltimore

Monday, 22nd: start the last part of my Independent Study with a big quantitive survey that I’ll need all your help with 🙂

It’s going to be a whirlwind of fun and work which is how my last semester should be… only 2 months left!

That being said, I’d also love your input on a blog name. When I started the sweetest thing, it was for my randomness and recipes, but with all the stuff for my independent study, the focus has shifted beyond food to include fashion, beauty and overall health. At one point, I though of the name chocolate and mascara until I found out that it’s actually the name of a small publication here in DC. Who knew?

Then I thought of breaking mirrors to symbolize breaking a bad body image with overall health, but then I remembered that breaking a mirror has an old wives tale attached to it of bad luck for 7 years. Well that’s not cool.

Now I was thinking of mirrors and mascara since looking into a mirror is suppose to be looking at your soul. No bad luck here!

What do you think? I honestly don’t know. I want to make the name more comprehensive, but I’m out of ideas so just throw them my way 🙂

What are you up to this March? I hope some fun, excitement and warm weather!


3 responses to “happy march!

  1. yayayayay! you do have a lot coming up this month!! your birthday is tomorrow! hmmmmm

  2. What a fun month!! Happy birthday tomorrow!!! I love Breaking Mirrors, but you’re right about the connotation….hmmm…

  3. Happy (early) birthday!

    I really like Mirrors and Mascara. When you said it the other day it had a sort of zing to it. It’s catchy, without being tacky.

    Have fun this weekend 🙂

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