lindsey vonn

I posed the question a week ago asking if you thought athletes could help our standards of beauty. After that post, Suzanne told me about another article called “An Uphill Battle for a Downhill Body,” that showcased Lindsey Vonn in the Express on February 23. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online, but she nicely scanned and sent it to me yesterday so I thought I’d share it with you too.

What Suzanne said she liked about it was the focus on strength and what your body CAN do, not just to be a certain size. There may be a little difference between her sport and figure skating in the pressure for a specific look; however, both need the strength, endurance and agility which only comes from training and proper nutrition.

The article was written Q&A format and instead of copying it completely, here are the key points that I found interesting…

  • To help her stayed motivated on training, Vonn loves creating goals for herself. They don’t have to be specific (something as simple as “to ski faster than the boys”), she says they make more fun and focused.
  • She trains off her skis during the summer with biking, tennis and agility training which combines strength, core exercise and courses with cones and hurdles.
  • She loves a plank position exercise where her “trainer rolls a stability ball towards [her] and then [she has] to jump [her] hands onto the ball, landing in plank, but on top of the ball.” I’m personally not sure how it completely works, but it sounds neat.
  • She hates hurdles because it reminds her of gym class.

At the end, the reporter asked for her tips to a beginner skier, but I thought her ideas were great for any exercise or training in both a literal and figurative way…

When you fall, get right back up. Just keep going; keep pushing it. Use it as a motivation to keep moving instead of keeping yourself down. Be proud of yourself when you do keep going.

Who’s an athlete you admire and why?


One response to “lindsey vonn

  1. since im an aquatic person and have been swimming forever i really admire most swimmers – especially females, obviously!
    but, i also really admire yogis (every single person!) because its such a beautiful balance that they try to achieve – plus they have killer bodies!

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