20 NYC blocks

Unless I’m with someone who wants to or if I’m traveling from downtown (like Financial District) to uptown (Midtown), I barely take the subway in NYC. Why? Because I love walking. You can explore a city in a way you can’t when you’re using the subway or even a bus and every time I’m there, even if it’s an area I know well, I can always find a new find or something different that I never knew. How fun is that?

So of course on Sunday night, I walked to dinner and had a great time snapping some pictures to share on my way. I walked to Josie’s West on 74th and Amsterdam, about 26 blocks north and 8 blocks west from where I was staying or about 2.2 miles. My mom used to think I was walking so much when I lived in NYC and I did, but Stephanie told me that 20 NYC blocks are about a mile so considering that, it’s not that bad.

Bergdorf's- the Plaza is just to the right

Central Park

Columbus Circle

Lincoln Center- I used to dream about dancing there...

I had been wanting to try the Josie restaurants and when Stephanie said they were as good as they looked, I was excited to meet her there. I got their veggie plate deluxe which was wok-sautéed greens (bok choy that day) over roasted winter (acorn) squash, grilled vegetables, roasted beets & organic tamari brown rice.

It was delicious and exactly what I wanted. I also loved the tamari mixed in with the rice. I don’t think I’ve ever had tamari or at least, with my knowledge. It had a flavor much like soy sauce and gave a twist to the regular brown rice side dish.

I’d definitely go there again and with the company, the night was perfect! Thanks Stephanie!

On Monday, I got going early since I had two meetings and had to check-out of my hotel. Did you know that Borders has free wi-fi?!? I never did, but it was a great way to kill time in between meetings since I could catch up on the blogging world 🙂

NYC, don’t worry I’ll be back… or maybe I should move somewhere else after graduation… hmmm…? Decisions, decisions!


One response to “20 NYC blocks

  1. I wish the area that I live in was more “foot traffic friendly.”

    I walk/run in my neighborhood for recreation but would LOVE to be able to walk to the grocery store, a cafe or restaraunt!

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