a weekend of travel

Travel travel travel is basically the idea of this weekend, but I can’t complain because I’m going to enjoy every minute of it 🙂

So let’s see, I’ll be in New York City tonight to Friday afternoon…

for this lovely panel…

It should be interesting so expect post about it later on.

…then I’m taking the train back to my parent’s house for the night until we all go to Williamsburg, VA to see my grandparents Saturday morning. It’ll be nice to see my grandparents again (and I love their house in VA) and also celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. Sunday morning, we’ll have Easter brunch before going back to my parent’s house and then I’ll go back to D.C. Monday morning.

Whew! Fun times, busy times. Did I mention I have work to do and you guys to talk to? Yup, don’t worry I’ll get it done, but posting might be a little sporadic this weekend. I’ll be back full force Monday night!

Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what are you doing? any traditions? My dad and I still go on an easter egg hunt- plastic eggs filled with chocolate or money so I can’t complain! Oh, and I have a basket from when I was about 3 and bunny ears and my dad has a smaller basket with a sunflower headband. Maybe if I’m nice, I’ll take pictures for you 😉

Oh, and if you’re in D.C., will you take pictures of the Cherry Blossom Festival for me? I’m obviously going to miss it… again! 😦


4 responses to “a weekend of travel

  1. That is exciting! I love NYC. We have 3 Easter dinners on Sunday…yikes!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

    We are going to do an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, and a special dinner.

  3. What an awesome experience! Have so much fun! 🙂

  4. I hope all your trips were great this weekend! Sounds like a whirlwind of fun!

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