DC blogger lunch!

The weather has been beautiful lately here in D.C. which is a sigh of relief after our winter! This weekend is the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival and also the Cherry Blossom 10-miler tomorrow. So what better excuse to have a blogger meet-up than that. Anne and Lauren both nicely planned this event for all of us and even though school has made my social life very scarce these days, I know I had to put this on my calendar and take a much needed break from writing. So that’s what I did!

Our group included Lauren, Quinn, Heather, Cara, Amy, Anna, Emily, Suzanne, Kate, Matt, Jordan, Sarah, Jasmine, and Ashley. Unfortunately this picture was taken after Liz and I left, but thank you Anne for sending this out 🙂

We met at Toscana Grill, an organic Italian restaurant in Arlington.

I looked at the menu before we even met up and it looked delicious with salads, soups, create your own pizzas and pasta and entrees for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. However, in honor of Earth Day, every weekend in April, the restaurant only serves a vegan menu. We were a little surprised, but fortunately, we all love vegetables and aren’t afraid of that v-word.

taken by Quinn

I ended up getting the

but without the breaded eggplant (that vegetable doesn’t do well with my stomach) and added onion, pepper, spinach and tomato. It was so colorful and delicious…

It was so nice to meet up with everyone, old friends and new, and I hope there are more of these in the future. Good luck to everyone who’s running tomorrow!!!

Now, on to more work… don’t you envy my Saturday night plans??? 😛


3 responses to “DC blogger lunch!

  1. That’s so fun you had a blogger meet up and the restaurant sounds so great too! Your dish was so colorful. Enjoy your saturday night I’m driving back from PA so my sat night plans aren’t crazy either!

  2. The blogger meet up sounds fun! And you guys are all so cute and sunshiney in that picture! I wish there was more of a blogger network in my area.

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