spring cleaning

I’m a neat-freak. It’s just a fact and a part of my personality that’s probably not going to go away anytime soon. The inside my desk at my parent’s house is a different story, but we won’t go there…

Anyway, Brittany tweeted this last night…

and I immediately tweeted her back saying I’d be on board.

To make one thing crystal clear, this is NOT a diet. This is NOT a cleanse. This is simply us (or at least me) getting back to feeding our bodys the nutrients it needs and deserves.

As my stress levels have gone up, so has my metabolism which sounds nice to some, but trust me the jittery-ness is not fun at all. Because of that, I’ve increased my intake, but have been lacking in giving my body the foods that it enjoys and make me feel good- vegetables, fruits and whole grains. I’ve had some, but I’ve also been eating a lot of meat and dairy and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with these foods, I’ve been feeling sluggish and not well after eating them. For example, last night I met my friend Alex for dinner as a study break and ordered a burger and sweet potato fries. It tasted great, but at the same time my body just really didn’t want it and it felt awful in my tummy after. Food should be enjoyed to the fullest and make you feel energized and satisfied, not sluggish and sad.

So after Brittany and I talked for a bit about what we wanted, here’s what’s going to happen. For the next 10 days, we’re going to focus on eating more whole grains, vegetables and fruit. No processed foods. No white sugar. No white flour. I can not commit to be completely vegan for the next 10 days since I don’t want to restrict anything after my history, but my meat and dairy consumption will be minimal and only when I truly crave it.

During this little “challenge,” I will post fun, successful recipes (including the barley risotto I made recently), but I won’t start to document everything I eat. Unless you truly want to know, I don’t want my blog to be purely about that, do you?

Are you with us? Who’s up for a “challenge”?


6 responses to “spring cleaning

  1. I am! It’ll be tough, but my body needs it. I’ve been indulging way too much the past couple weeks.

  2. I’m so pumped that you were willing to take part of this challenge with me – Day 1 is going well so far. 🙂

    • Of course! I wasn’t going to let you do it alone and frankly, my body will thank me. Yay for a strong start!

  3. Good luck with your spring cleaning!

  4. Don’t document everything, that would stress you out–if only because it’s too time-consuming and you have other things to worry about now.

    I’m up for it. I ate really well yesterday actually, didn’t have any sweets at all so I think I’m good with the white sugar–although I had a white fun with my bella sandwich….oh well. I am still with you and will try to stay on board with the healthy eating, now and after 10 days!

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