vogue curvy celebrates julie henderson

I saw this on Madison Plus last Thursday and had to post about it because 1. I think she’s beautiful and 2. I’m starting to really dislike this term “plus-size” model.


Read more about her here, but Julie is an inspiration for every young woman out there. She graduated from college in 2000 with a degree in Marketing and was a very successful basketball player before signing with Ford Models. She loves showing off her curves and actually is upset when castings try to hide them.

But what really struck me was that she’s a plus-size. This term has been so skewed since it first came out. When I was younger, the term may have been used, but it was for women who didn’t not fit the average range of sizes of 0-16. I think that range has been extended, but in the fashion industry, an 6-8 is now a “plus-size” while the average woman is a size 14. A little off?

Likewise, when I went to the NEDA panel, I met Emme, one of the most famous “plus-size” models. More of that later, but let me tell you, the adjective “plus-size” would definitely not be the first adjective I’d use to describe her. Actually it wouldn’t be in my vocabulary at all.

These women are real. They have curves. They love their body. They have goals. Now I’m not saying that women who are petite, thin and more straight in the hips are not real because they are, but all of us can tell someone who looks sick and someone who’s naturally thin. You can see it in their eyes, their smile and the way they hold themselves. I can only hope that one day those eyes, smile and confidence can show up more on the runway and advertisements soon 🙂


11 responses to “vogue curvy celebrates julie henderson

  1. Wow. THAT is a plus size model? Holy. crap. Skewed it right.

  2. You’re kidding?!?! Wow, they do some amazing and disturbing things in the modeling world. I can’t believe they consider her “plus” sized.

    Hope you are having a great week so far. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday, and just so you know…I’m still dreaming of how good those cookies were! 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a better treat on my b-day! 😉

    • I’m so glad we got to meet as well! I hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend 🙂 Just let me know, I can always send cookies- but then again, I wouldn’t be opposed to you visiting again either 🙂

  3. Ha, SHE is plus-sized? That’s just ridiculous, in my opinion. She looks pretty trim to me. She’s not a stick, but she’s definitely not a large woman! It’s so odd to me that she would be considered “plus-sized.” One day, I hope we get rid of these adjectives and descriptors all together! Can’t they just be “models”?

    • I completely agree with the use of descriptors. We don’t use them for any other profession, so why should modeling be any different?

  4. It sucks that in she is considered a plus-sized model. She looks normal/healthy AND BEAUTIFUL! I would rather her be a healthy role model than a woman who is so thin she looks unhealthy and sick, like most fashion models.

  5. She is beautiful. I’ve always hated the term plus size and it’s sad that a size 6-8 is considered plus size these days. I don’t think most women consider those sizes to be “plus size”

  6. i would never have imagined she was labeled as plus size. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and looks healthy and vibrant. so sad thats what modeling has come to.

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