the price of beauty: morocco

This week Jessica, CaCee and Ken discovered Morocco with it’s veiled women, mopeds and of course, camels.

Their first stop, as always, was to meet their beauty ambassador, Khansa Batma, who’s a famous singer there. Jessica immediately said she felt that she had such confidence and asked her what makes Morcoccan women feel beautiful? She said that there it wasn’t about the dress or the food you eat, but how you act and carry yourself.

After talking, Khansa Batma brought them to get a traditional dress and and veil. While it’s also for covering up, the veil helps to protect the face from the wind and sun. As Ken said, this makes you talk with eyes which CaCee actually enjoyed.

When they went to the market next, she said they men would actually be looking straight into your eyes and not at your butt or chest.

What they didn’t care for so much at the market was sheep brain. It’s a delicacy in Morocco and a great source of protein and iron, but while it’s great for your hair and skin, Jessica did not like the texture and said it was like an eyeball.

I do have to say though that I was happy she tried it and didn’t spit anything out like her first show in Thailand.

Next, they met up with a family to talk about beauty. There were three generations of women with the youngest, Leila, being the most liberal with her dress of jeans and a 3/4 length shirt.

A big thing about the Moroccan culture is to preserve and respect themselves for the right man. Because of this, the married women didn’t shake hands with Ken. Covering up is another way that they to protect their beauty for their partner.

What was interesting though was that Leila actually thought that the way Jessica was dressed was inappropriate and too revealing- she was wearing shorts- because of the amount of leg she showed.

Jessica’s response? I like my legs, just like you like your cleavage, and that might sound harsh, but I do have to admit, I would have stuck up for Jessica in that situation too. Leila was attacking her and our culture when they were just trying to talk with them and see how they live. The good thing though was that because of that experience, Jessica said that she felt more comfortable to wear what she wanted to and own it. Yay!

Because of that “stressful” experience, they next went to a spa which is called a Hamman and models the older Greek and Roman spas.

They had a scrub (which was none too soft) and then a mud wrap before having a water fight while rinsing off the wrap.

Afterwards, Khansa has arranged a surprise for them. The surprise was to learn how to dance with a tea tray dance which is when you dance and swirl your hips while balancing a tray with a tea kettle and lit candles.

The seduction is posture and balance.

Lastly, they rode a camel to a party with all the women they met during their stay- including Leila, who liked Jessica’s dress for the evening!

I have to say that Ken gives some of the best comments and summaries of the whole show at the end. He said that he thought that Jessica had more confidence covered up. As CaCee said, sexy is a lot of different things, not just skin and in Morocco, it IS more about who you are and looking into the person, not AT. It’s about the self and the way they respect themselves and value themselves that makes the difference.

Be ready for Japan next time! I can’t wait to see the geishas!

I have to say that this was one of my favorite shows. Which place has been your favorite? Thailand, Paris, India, Uganda or Morocco?


3 responses to “the price of beauty: morocco

  1. You know, I’m enjoying this show. It’s light, but I expected that. I think Jessica is actually very real and genuine. I haven’t been surprised by any of the cultural revelations. I already knew that beauty was different from culture to culture, but it is neat to see the different reactions, like the woman’s reaction to her shorts. There really are so many different standards. I really liked the India episode!

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  3. Thank you for posting this ! I wasn’t aware that Jessica Simpson had a reality TV show about beauty around the world ! Haha, so funny. I’m going to Morocco to learn all about beauty too!

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