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it’s ready!!!

Hi dears!!!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back here. Between graduation, getting the new blog ready and my recent trip to Italy and Switzerland, I needed to break away.

But cutting to the chase, I’d love to present my new home…

Please head over by clicking here.

See you there 🙂


new beginnings

We all have chapters in our life that we close for one reason or another whether it’s a relationship or school related. Right now, mine’s the latter, and while I’ve been waiting for this day for about 2 years, I’m also nervous.

Thanks to this blog and all of you, I have figured out where my future goals lie and I’m so excited to share them with you.

I’ve loved the sweetest thing and while it didn’t start out with a lot of focus, it surely ended with such a purpose. I’m so proud and so happy to show you this…

….my final independent study book! It’s 97 pages (60% dually printed) and has all the posts from here and my survey analysis, which I’ll post tomorrow. [NOTE: the cover page was created using Wordle]

Thank YOU so mcuh for following, commenting and just helping me out. WE did this together  and I can’t express to you enough how much that means to me 🙂

However, because of that, I’m now leaving the sweetest thing behind and am currently working with a designer for a new blog!!! From this study last semester, I’ve found that my passions still are heavily weighted in food (duh! I went to culinary school), but in a healthy way promoting body image. I’d love to go into nutritional programming for young women to understand how food plays a role in their lives and that’s it’s more than the latest diet.

Finding Peace in Chocolate is going to be that outlet for me. It’s going to focus on us building a good relationship with food physically, emotionally, and mentally so I’m going to share with you recipes that are great for those areas of our life- fruit, veggies, whole grains for physical health; chocolate for emotional health and then how to understand your body and it’s needs for mental health. Body image will still be something I talk about, but more from this angle than from fashion. I’m so excited to get back into the kitchen!!!

From there, my plans are up in the air. I’m looking into grad schools (primarily Tufts) to possibly start next spring or fall in Nutrition Communication or Public Health, but until then I’ll continue to work at the restaurant, blog and take each day as it comes.

Oh, and how could I forget this???

Because of my new purpose/mission, I’m also submitting a proposal for the Healthy Living Summit 🙂 Are you going? Maybe I’ll see you there…!

For the first time, I’m truly at peace with not knowing what the future exactly brings, but do know what I want (and I’m stubborn enough to not settle for less!) My study will always be housed here, but for now, I need to take the first step to my future…

I’ll see you soon!!!

Will you come to my new “house”? I hope so.


I never thought I’d be in a sorority. I was seriously against it during my freshman year because I thought I wasn’t going to change to fit in with a group of girls. Growing up I had my group of girlfriends, but most of my friends were guys. I was used to talking with my best friend Ryan and hearing “mmhmmm” “yea” “ok” on the other side because he was playing Madden. I was used to a no-drama policy which also meant I was used to a say-it-how-it-is mentality too so how could I fit in with hundreds of girls?

Well when I was back at Elon for my sophomore year, I couldn’t deny the fact that about 30% of undergrads were in greek life. One of my friends, Jenn, knew my aversion to sorority life, but had rushed the semester before and invited to go to an ice cream social at her sorority’s house that fall. At the time, I thought why not? and also yum, free ice cream! so I went and  actually knew more girls than I thought. It was a great time. What I didn’t know at first was that it was an event for the beginning of the informal rush process.

The next week I was offered a pansy and an bid to informally rush that fall semester. After thinking about it, I decided to rush not only because it was informal and not as intense, but also because I had really loved the girls.

That sorority and the one I’m so lucky to be apart of is Delta Delta Delta.

Known for their work with St Jude Children’s Hospital, Tri-Delta also has developed a program called Reflections that is designed to prevent eating disorders among sorority communities. Ever heard of Fat Talk Free Week?

That’s the main communications campaign during the year from this program and has gotten a country-wide response not only from the Tri-Delta chapters, but body image advocates and universities that still have the program without a Tri-Delta chapter on campus.

I’ve been wanting to get involved with the program since I learned about it late last year, but even though I’m a Tri-Delta, there isn’t a chapter on campus and because I’m not apart of another sorority on campus, I’ve had to wait it out. Imagine my happiness though when I was contacted by the Executive office a few weeks ago to write a guest post for their fan page and their blog🙂

I turned it in today and will let you know when it’s up for you to view it, but in the mean time, I suggest you watch this year’s Fat Talk Free Walk video. It’s so moving and gives a great message.

Is there a program or organization you disliked before and then you joined? Were you a part of a sorority and if so, what was your experience? I loved my experience with Tri-Delta for what it stood for, but also because it was a new chapter on campus (I was in the beta class) so we got to make new traditions.

designing the redesign

As some of you know, I’m in the process of redesigning my blog to make my “brand” more comprehensive and to bring a more accessible place for you to learn about making healthy living fun while feeling happy and beautiful inside and out.

So while I’m in this process, I want to know what you want to learn more about from me. We talk a lot about body image and what’s going on in the fashion industry, but is there something else you’d like to see?

Please take the poll below and if you have any other suggestions, please let me know 🙂

celebrity or not, we’re all the same

Well yesterday’s post about Julie Henderson definitely got people talking and in a good way… Now we just have to try to take that conversation from this blog and to other women so they can see our society’s ideals and find their own beauty.

Linking up to that discussion, I wanted to talk about a woman I met at the NEDA panel. In case you missed my summaries of that event, you can click here to read part 1 and part 2.

Now I have to say that I usually don’t get worked up over celebrities. Yes, I’ve been known to flip through some magazines like People and US Magazine to past the time, but not because I can’t wait to know what happened to whomever. I always had the idea that they were really just like us, but had people actually follow their every move because of the work they’ve done and frankly, I knew I’d never want that attention.

However, at the panel, it made me think about who is truly a celebrity or a role model to you. Is it that movie star or is it a writer? All the panelists were successful and passionate about what they were doing and while they might not be a celebrity by our societal standards, you don’t know how happy I was to be able to talk to some of these leaders in their respective fields on a topic we all love.

But there was one celebrity in the fashion industry who was at the panel and a NEDA Ambassador, Emme.


For those of you who do not know, Emme is known for being the world’s first full-figured supermodel and full-figured model to have a cosmetics contract with Revlon. Then as a host of E! Entertainment Television’s “Fashion Emergency.” she became an icon not only in the U.S, but around the world. She’s been on many television programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, The Rachel Ray Show and Entertainment Tonight, in magazines like People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” twice and has also spoken to many women on body image, greener living and  surviving cancer. Inspiring, right?

I had seen in the pamphlet that she would be there and was excited to hear her perspective, but in true Jacquie fashion, I arrived early so I just started to talk to people here and there. There was a group of three women talking and one started to bring me into the group to tell me about her newest venture in this field to stop fat talk. While it wasn’t something that got me excited, I’m still impressed by the amount of voices there are trying to help women succeed.  After we finished talking, another woman from the group came up to me and asked me why I was there. I told her bits of my story and the project I was working on, but was instantly drawn to her warmth. She told me about the Body Image Council, an organization in relation to NEDA which she’s starting to put together and before parting, we said we’d talk more after the panel.

I found my seat and waited for my friend Stephanie to meet me since it was about to start when it hit me… I had just talked with Emme.

I was floored and felt terribly silly. There she was, a well-known and highly regarded woman, and I didn’t recognize her 😦

After the panel, we were both busy speaking to people, but I was able to say goodbye quickly before she left for a interview. She gave me her card as I apologized for not realizing it was her at the beginning when we met.

You’re a woman. I’m a woman. We’re both here for this cause and that’s it.

It’s so straight-forward. It’s so true and just solidified my first thought about celebrities from the beginning of this story. Celebrities, no matter how well-known they are, at the end of the day, they’re just like you or me. She wasn’t “Emme, the model” at the panel, but “Emme, the NEDA Ambassador and body image advocate.” She was a woman there who was just as concerned and interested as I was about these issues, but was able to share some knowledge because of her experiences.

I have since talked with her and might I say again that she’s so down to earth and warm- just like my first impression- and I can’t wait to talk with her more.

Have you ever met a celebrity- either by society standards or your own? Who and did you actually recognize them?

a sunday morning in spring…

Hey Winston (Churchill, that is)!

some of the biggest heads I’ve seen yet this year and the main reason I went

WARNING for vegetarians!

Chef Mike Isabella from Zaytinya (for if you haven’t yet! it’s some of the best Greek food) and former Top Chef contestant

After, I met my friend Tami for brunch at Circa, a great restaurant in north Dupont. I got the Eggs Florentine- an  split english muffin with sauteed spinach, onions and a poached egg on each half on top! I asked for the hollandaise sauce on the side and they came with asparagus and potatoes- yum! Perfect spring brunch before walking back up Massachusetts Avenue. I love spring in DC 🙂

DC blogger lunch!

The weather has been beautiful lately here in D.C. which is a sigh of relief after our winter! This weekend is the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival and also the Cherry Blossom 10-miler tomorrow. So what better excuse to have a blogger meet-up than that. Anne and Lauren both nicely planned this event for all of us and even though school has made my social life very scarce these days, I know I had to put this on my calendar and take a much needed break from writing. So that’s what I did!

Our group included Lauren, Quinn, Heather, Cara, Amy, Anna, Emily, Suzanne, Kate, Matt, Jordan, Sarah, Jasmine, and Ashley. Unfortunately this picture was taken after Liz and I left, but thank you Anne for sending this out 🙂

We met at Toscana Grill, an organic Italian restaurant in Arlington.

I looked at the menu before we even met up and it looked delicious with salads, soups, create your own pizzas and pasta and entrees for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. However, in honor of Earth Day, every weekend in April, the restaurant only serves a vegan menu. We were a little surprised, but fortunately, we all love vegetables and aren’t afraid of that v-word.

taken by Quinn

I ended up getting the

but without the breaded eggplant (that vegetable doesn’t do well with my stomach) and added onion, pepper, spinach and tomato. It was so colorful and delicious…

It was so nice to meet up with everyone, old friends and new, and I hope there are more of these in the future. Good luck to everyone who’s running tomorrow!!!

Now, on to more work… don’t you envy my Saturday night plans??? 😛